DoKa Digital Onboarding streamlines client acquisition through video conferencing and remote ID verification, utilizing NFC technology. Our mobile application leads in enrolling individual and corporate clients with a seamless straight-through process, emphasizing information security and user experience. The end-to-end process, including ID verification, password regeneration, and fraud alerts, completes within minutes, prioritizing customer excellence and information protection through robust security measures.

Overview of The Product's Content and Operation

Explore the Effortless Onboarding and Know Your Customer Journey and Robust Security Measures of DoKa Digital Onboarding.


NFC and Video conferencing included;

Seamlessly integrate mobile Banking to client onboarding, with no additional technology to be outsourced other than DoKa. NFC success rate is up to 97%, whilst video conferencing feature enables time-stamp option for enhanced logging options.


Shortened Onboarding and Know your Customer Duration;

NFC technology is adaptable to all know your customer and ID verification required process flows within a very short end to end process duration. Ensure a swift end-to-end process, completing client onboarding, password regeneration, fraud alerts, and more within minutes, supported by advanced security measures.


Improved Security Standard;

Prioritize meticulous focus on information security throughout the onboarding process and related activities, ensuring robust protection for user information.


Both for your retail and corporate clients;

Client onboarding and KYC process is seperately designed for retail and corporate clients. Customizing end to end process is also an option.

DoKa in Action: Explore Our Product in this Video

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Make Digital Client Onboarding and KYC procees leaner and seamless

Digital onboarding process is fully compliant with BRSA regulations and includes all related Technologies within end to end process including NFC and video conferencing tools. This technology will enable clients remotely engage with you institution whilst optimization your internal process and digitize your customer experience with minimum cost recurrance.

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